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If you want to make your smile the best version of itself it can be, an important step that is a must is to replace any missing teeth. Oral ailments involved with missing teeth can be stopped and corrected with an addition such as a dental bridge. In order to keep your oral health care at its best, consider the following benefits of dental bridges:

– A normal single dental bridge can last from ten years, up to an entire lifetime, but can be repaired or replaced as needed.

– Dental bridges can bring back lost or impaired functions caused by missing teeth, such as chewing, eating, and speaking functions.

– Oftentimes, missing teeth can cause a person’s facial structure to sink in, which will make them appear older and weaker than they truly are. Dental bridges can quickly restore your facial structure and return your natural appearance.

– Dental bridges drop your risk for malocclusions and misalignments, which can often develop when there are teeth missing or damaged.

– Dental bridges thwart other teeth from moving out of position, which can often take place when there is not a full set of teeth in place.

Make sure to take good care of your dental bridges as they could potentially last a lifetime. For more information about dental bridgework, or to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Gary Shmurak and our team at Apex Dental Care, give us a call at 215-996-9968. Our dentist office is conveniently located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Visit us today, and let us help you restore your smile!