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Did you know that about 9.3% of the U.S. population has diabetes? That’s 29.1 million people. Every year, new people are diagnosed. Some have diabetes and don’t know it. But what does this have to do with your oral health? You’re about to find out.

Diabetes is all about your body’s ability to process sugar. Its symptoms can affect all parts of your body, including your mouth. You may find that your mouth doesn’t have as much saliva as usual. Saliva plays a vital role in washing away food particles and bacteria as well as delivering much needed minerals to your teeth. In the long term, a dry mouth can lead to more serious problems such as tooth decay and cavities.

Diabetes means a higher risk of getting gum disease. In fact, it affects almost 22% of those diagnosed. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your teeth. If you have poor blood sugar control, you may find that bad bacteria begins to make a home in your gums, causing erosion. Gum disease may in turn cause your blood sugar to rise, making your diabetes harder to control.

What can you do to be healthy? First, visit Dr. Gary Shmurak regularly. The sooner your gum disease is treated, the better chance you have of controlling your diabetes as well. Make sure to get professional dental cleanings and practice good oral hygiene on your own every day. Make concerted efforts to control your blood sugar levels. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. If you smoke, quit as soon as possible. In general, you’ll need to upscale your efforts to do all those things that you have been taught lead to a healthier body.

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