Oral Health Keys: Tooth Restorations

Depending on your needs, numerous tooth restoration treatments exist to enhance your smile. Whether you are looking to conceal minor damage to a tooth’s surface, whiten your teeth, fill in cavities, or cap or concealed broken teeth, there are numerous treatments to consider. Effective treatments include dental crowns, teeth whitening... Read more »

Why Do Root Canals Work?

If you’ve ever had a tooth chip or a dental filling fall out, you know that life can cause some dental appliances to be less than permanent. If you need a root canal and are hesitant about how successful it can be, don’t worry: root canal procedures are very successful,... Read more »

Bleeding Gums Are Often an Early Indicator of Gum Disease

Your gums serve an important functional role in helping to anchor the relationship between your teeth and the natural bone structure of your jaw. Many people also have some portion of their gums visible in their smile. As you grow older, any inconsistencies in your oral hygiene practices can leave... Read more »

Gum Disease Checkup

With suitable care, gum disease can be prevented. Unfortunately, our diets and lifestyles don't often lead to a gum-disease-free oral cavity, so we need to take precautions and be extra cognizant of periodontal disease and its effects. Here's a quick rundown on gum disease for you. Whenever you come into... Read more »

Living with Dentures

If you think you are too young for dentures, you may want to think again. While most people associate dentures with senior citizens, many young adults and other people have missing, or teeth that need to be replaced. If you are not a good candidate for dental implants because of... Read more »

The Link between Diabetes and Oral Health

Did you know that about 9.3% of the U.S. population has diabetes? That’s 29.1 million people. Every year, new people are diagnosed. Some have diabetes and don’t know it. But what does this have to do with your oral health? You’re about to find out. Diabetes is all about your... Read more »

Enhance Your Fall Smile with Dental Crowns and Porcelain Dental Veneers

Have you suffered dental damage or are you embarrassed by your smile? Do your teeth feature irregularities and abnormalities that you wish you could cover up? If so, two highly effective tooth restoration treatments that can offer cosmetic benefits for your smile include dental veneers and dental crowns. Choosing which... Read more »

Oral Health Care Hazards: Medications and Your Smile

Are you aware of the benefits and risks of taking medications regarding your oral health? Although oral health care treatments often require the need for medications to assist with and aid you in your recovery, exercise caution with any potential side effects that may arise. If you are looking to... Read more »

Toothbrushing Techniques

We all know that brushing is a basic necessity for maintaining a healthy smile. But do we know the proper technique? Ineffective brushing is a waste of time, and sometimes we can let our habit deteriorate. Unfortunately, this leads to deteriorating teeth! Here are some things to remember as you... Read more »

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Floss

Saving your smile can easily be achieved if you are willing to put forth a few minutes per day to keep it clean. Although brushing is highly effective at washing away harmful bacteria and plaque, dental floss is required for those areas brushing alone cannot reach. To learn more about the... Read more »