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Are you aware of the benefits and risks of taking medications regarding your oral health? Although oral health care treatments often require the need for medications to assist with and aid you in your recovery, exercise caution with any potential side effects that may arise.

If you are looking to improve your oral health through the use of medication, it is best to speak with your dentist. In addition to your dentist prescribing the safest and highest-quality medications for your potential treatments and recoveries, they can also assist you in making sure you take the proper substances as well as to ensure you are using the proper dosages. Always remember to follow your dentist’s instructions exactly as given.

Be aware of any side effects that may arise from the use of medication. One particularly damaging side effect that will affect your teeth and gums is dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when saliva production in your mouth falls. If you have a decreased amount of saliva, you are at an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease, due to the fact that saliva is helpful for neutralizing acids, protecting tooth enamel, washing away plaque buildup in bacteria, and keeping your mouth clear of debris. If a medication is causing dry mouth, stop taking it immediately, and speak with your dentist.

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