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Summer has just started, and it’s time for family reunions, camping, swimming, and lots of eating! But you have a chip or stain on your front tooth! What can you do about it? Here at Apex Dental Care, we have the answer for you. A dental veneer!

Dental veneers are a great replacement that can last well over a decade and are customized to match your teeth. They are usually made of porcelain or a composite resin to match your tooth’s color shade and the shape of your original tooth.

After getting your new veneer, avoid drinking wine or coffee to preserve the color of your new veneer. Also avoid opening any containers or chewing on foreign objects besides foods. The veneer can be repaired if fractured or chipped.

A dental veneer procedure includes scraping some of the enamel off (once this happens, you cannot reverse this), then adhesive and cement is placed, and then your customized veneer. To keep the tooth in place, a light cures it for around a minute then given a final polish after any waste has been removed.

Call Apex Dental Care’s office here in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, at 215-996-9968 to set up a consultation or appointment today to receive a dental veneer to brighten your smile so you can enjoy all the summer festivities!