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Have you suffered dental damage or are you embarrassed by your smile? Do your teeth feature irregularities and abnormalities that you wish you could cover up? If so, two highly effective tooth restoration treatments that can offer cosmetic benefits for your smile include dental veneers and dental crowns. Choosing which one is best for you often depends on your oral health care needs.

Porcelain dental veneers are highly effective restorations that are attached directly to the fronts of your teeth. Once in place, a single dental veneer can last over 10 years. Furthermore, dental veneers don’t require as much tooth enamel removal to secure them in place as dental crowns do. However, dental veneers will only cover up the fronts of teeth, which means the rest of your tooth will still be vulnerable.

Dental crowns are designed not only to offer you cosmetic advantages, but also to prevent future damage that may occur. Dental crowns fit precisely around a tooth on all sides down to the gum line for a solid hold that will fully encase the tooth. Not only can you customize and craft the look of the tooth you desire, but dental crowns make sure the tooth will be well cared for and protected against future tooth hazards such as dental erosion.

No matter which tooth restoration service you choose, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can provide. If you would like Dr. Gary Shmurak and our team at Apex Dental Care to bring you in for an oral exam to determine which treatment is best for you, please contact our dentist office in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, by calling us at 215-996-9968. We look forward to helping you achieve the successful smile you desire.